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Do you have bottles and cans in your home or at work? We are Kelowna Youth Entrepreneurs who would appreciate your support. Avoid the depot and leave it up to us to transport your bottles.

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Current Amount Donated to Homeless: $1200.00 and counting...

3 Simple Steps

A lot of plastic bottles

Gather Bottles & Cans

Keep cans and glass bottles in separate bags or boxes (no black bags)

Bottles tied up in a blue recycle bag

Pick a Date

Schedule a Pickup Date Below

Calendar displaying Saturday

Place Bottles Out

Place bottles out by 8AM on your scheduled date in a visible location. Minimum 100 containers.

We have also added a drop off service. Please ask us about our location in Wilden

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Youth Entrepreneurs Marcus, Jada, and Nate

My brother Marcus loves to collect bottles and has always had a desire to help and serve the homeless. I thought I would help him to expand his efforts to grow a business where he can collect more bottles and also make enough money to donate to the homeless.

Our cousin Nate has helped with our marketing and advertising efforts and also brings a special passion to the team. We understand bringing dirty bottles to the depot is not that fun, and having them sit in your garage is not desirable. We are excited to serve our community providing this great service to help get rid of your bottles and also help the homeless in our community.

Free Bottle Pickup Logo

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COVID-19 Safety

We are taking additional safe measures to protect ourselves in the handling of recyclable containers.